Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Temp-A-Sure work?
Temp-A-Sure uses infrared thermal technology to let you get a fast, accurate temperature reading with just a point and a click – no contact required.

2. Can Temp-A-Sure be used on children?
Yes! You can use Temp-A-Sure to measure the temperature of children of all ages – even infants.

3. How easy is Temp-A-Sure to use?
Temp-A-Sure features a bright, large, easy-to-read digital display that shows you temperature in about a second. The display is color coded – it turns red if temperature is high – so you know right away if there might be a fever.

4. How does Temp-A-Sure help me track temperatures?
Temp-A-Sure has a built-in memory feature that remembers the last 24 temperature measurements, which lets you easily track how the temperatures you record change over time.

5. Is Temp-A-Sure portable?
Yes. Temp-A-Sure is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.